Eyes as Big as Plates

- April 5, 2013 -



THIS stumbled upon some of these amazing pictures on the world wide web and what a sight! We tracked them down and discovered Eyes as Big as Plates.

Eyes as Big as Plates is an ongoing collaborative venture between Riitta Ikonen (Finland) and Karoline Hjorth (Norway).

Finnish artist Riitta Ikonen graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2008. She has since had installations at Tate Britain in London, developed concepts for the London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority and exhibited most recently at the Photographer’s Gallery in London and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki.

Karoline Hjorth is based in Oslo and works as a photographer, writer and sailor. She graduated from University of Westminster, London in 2009. Her photographic work has received the Deloitte Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London and exhibited last year in Tokyo, London, Oslo and Kiasma in Helsinki, amongst others. Her book Mormormonologene (Nana Monologues) was published in 2011 (second edition 2012).

Read more about the project here

02_eyes_as_big_as_plates_hallvar_ii09_eyes_as_big_as_plates_astrid_i 10_eyes_as_big_as_plates_astrid_ii12_eyes_as_big_as_plates_mattiagnes agnes115_eyes_as_big_as_plates_pupibengteyes_as_big_as_plates_bengt eyes_as_big_as_plates_markku1 eyes_as_big_as_plates_paul eyes_as_big_as_plates_salme eyes_as_big_as_plates_torleif eyes_as_big_as_plates_tuija eyes_as_big_as_plates_velkkaribob7

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